November 2013
Life Stem Genetics is Now at the Forefront of the
Biggest Evolution in the Medical Treatment of Chronic Diseases
Buying LIFS now is like owning early shares in the Fountain of Youth
The Global Market
for Treatment of Chronic Disease

Formerly Incurable...


Degenerative Injuries...


The Promise of Anti-Aging...


The crucial component to enabling a worldwide
benefit from stem cell therapy is now ready:
Life Stem Genetics (LIFS)
Life Stem Genetics can fulfill the promise of
Adult Stem Cell Therapies and guarantee
a higher quality of life to the world!
How high can LIFS shares move from here?
There is no limit and you can be certain it will be many
multiples higher than the current
LIFS trading level near $1. Now is the time to buy.
Harvard » Bill Gates Foundation » Nobel Prize Laureates
Have Joined the Evolution with
LIFE STEM GENETICS give the World Self-Healing
Scott Fraser, Editor
The Natural Contrarian
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The stakes are too high for Big Pharma and the traditional Healthcare providers to hesitate about the current technology lead maintained by innovators like Life Stem Genetics (LIFS). It makes sense for the Bigs to simply open their acquisition check books rather than try and play catch-up!

Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) is at the forefront of the greatest advancement of Life Science in the history of mankind. Propelled by the world’s most powerful institutions, Adult Stem Cell (ASC) therapies will enable all peoples of the world to heal themselves. Life Stem has already applied over 5,000 ASC treatments.

The Powers behind the Evolution
The amount of academic, financial and leadership strength pushing Adult Stem Cell therapies forward is relatively equivalent to that of the Age of Imperialism as the European powers became an irresistible force to colonize the “New World.” This time around, with the inevitable expansion of life sciences based on stem cells, all peoples of the world will benefit.

Harvard University holds its status as the proverbial center of the universe for stem cell research in the United States. Regenerative biologist and co-founder of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Dr. Douglas Melton is leading Harvard’s ascendency to world leadership in the stem cell field. Also important is Dr. Melton’s close ties with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and its deep funding prowess.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through its Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, is working toward the acceleration of new stem cell technologies coupled with increased access to vital medical treatments in poorer nations. Dr. Orin Levine, formerly of Johns Hopkins, is the foundation’s director of stem cell delivery. The strong financial backing of industry titans, such as the founder of Microsoft, provides the crucial monetary fuel for Dr. Levine’s mission of saving children’s lives.

Recent Nobel Prize Laureates, Sir John Bertrand Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka, are unifying the academic powerbases of Europe and Asia in accord with America’s drive for globalizing Adult Stem Cell therapies. From Cambridge to Kyoto respectively, Gurdon and Yamanaka are making great strides in Adult Stem Cell science in unanimity with our National Institute of Health’s Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Life Stem Genetics is delivering the life-giving therapy now that can put Big $TRILLION Pharma out of business!
But wait...

Big Pharma is getting into Life Stems’
business - here’s what to watch for:
  • Pfizer’s Neusentis team developing Regenerative Medicine Portfolio
  • GE Healthcare’s expanding Life Sciences division on stem cells
  • Life Stem’s advance technology with micro-cap is buy-out bait!
Begin accumulating LIFS now and watch
for the reactive market frenzy!

Company: Life Stem Genetics
Symbol: LIFS
Secondary Buy: $2 to $5
Long Term Target: $ Infinite*

* Because the projected return on investment of the global stem cell industry is already in the $Billions, I’ll wait to put a specific price target on Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) so I don’t have to keep raising it. Now is the time to make your initial buy on LIFS. Our initial valuation of Life Stem’s future market share is well above the current near $1 price level and increasing.

Just above $1 a share, Life Stem Genetics (LIFS)
Can Become a Major Player in a Market that’s Projected to Surpass
Adult Stem Cell Therapies are proving highly successful at treating a wide array of neurological disorders, spinal cord and orthopedic injuries, as well as improving overall health and longevity as we age. The human body has an unparalleled ability to heal itself – far greater than any pharmaceutical or manufactured treatment ever made. Thus, it’s no wonder that the proverbial fountain of youth would be found in our OWN STEM CELLS, which, by the way are available in near limitless quantities!
Adult Stem Cells should NOT be confused with embryonic stem cells, which are highly controversial and regulated. Naturally, you are the rightful owner of your own stem cells and thus it is your right to be treated with them. Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) makes that possible.


Whenever a body part or tissue becomes diseased or injured, the brain sends out chemical signals that attract stores of adult stem cells that reside in our fat, blood, tissues, and bone marrow. Our stem cells are able to morph into the cells of countless organs and structures within our own bodies. Through a process called cell division, our stem cells are able to multiply indefinitely resulting in the effective restoration of damaged structures and the rejuvenation of failing cells.
The medical applications of ASC therapies are limitless – and that’s why this stock opportunity is so huge. An early investment in Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) could prove life-changing in more ways than one!

Keep in mind that the “self-harvesting” of your own Adult Stem Cells (ASC’s) for treating YOU is actually nothing new. It’s been around for decades with roughly 1 million patients in the U.S. alone being successfully treated via ASC’s since the mid-1980’s.
State of the Art: Life Stem’s treatment facilities offer a spa-like setting where patients undergo a 4-hour ASC treatment.
Each clinic can generate up to $30 MILLION per year in revenues!
is the “methodology” in which Adult Stem Cells are being self-harvested and then re-injected into the patient – either intravenously or via direct injection into the afflicted area.
  Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) is my #1 pick for expansive shareholder gains as the company begins setting up ASC clinics all over the world utilizing its innovative Adult Stem Cell Self-Harvesting approach. Best of all, since the stem cells being used are your own, there’s zero risk of your body rejecting the treatment! The same cannot be said for embryonic stem cell procedures.
And keep in mind that sports injuries and anti-aging are really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the medical reach for Adult Stem Cell therapies. Some of the top thinktanks in medical science are now focusing their research on the potential for Adult Stem Cells to eradicate some of the worst diseases known to mankind including cancer, Alzheimer’s, and AIDS.

Funding for this research continues to grow through deeppocketed sources such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Stem Cell therapies may also prove instrumental in treating the millions of people suffering from full or partial paralysis as a result of spinal cord injuries.

As just one example, StemCells, Inc. recently announced that the FDA has authorized an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for clinical testing of stem cells as a treatment for spinal cord injury.
Adult Stem Cell therapies are gaining momentum in the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

Life Stem only harvests cells from your own abdominal fat (or adipose tissue), which contains at least 500 times more “mesenchymal” stem cells than bone marrow. These mesenchymal cells are key because they are able to differentiate into all the various types of tissues, and they do this automatically via cell receptors that facilitate migration to the injured, damaged, or diseased tissue locations within your body!
"This IND is a significant step forward for our spinal cord injury program.
With regulatory authorization from Switzerland, Canada and now the United States,
we have the first international trial of a stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury.

— Stephen Huhn, MD, FACS, FAAP,
Vice President, CNS Clinical Research at StemCells, Inc.
The bottom line is that Life Stem Genetics (LIFS)
is in the right place » Adult Stem Cell therapies » at the right time for astute investors » around $1 per share!

That’s why I’m urging my readers to JUMP ON THIS ONE IMMEDIATELY
before Wall Street drives LIFS above our current buy-ceiling.

My long time readers know: I’m always on the lookout for hidden stock gems
in the hottest sectors – and stem cell stocks are literally scorching right now.
Stocks like Osiris Therapeutics (OSIR) with accomplishments in the Adult Stem Cell field have made early investors rich. Osiris recently soared from $4.38 to $27.40 per share.

Yet, that pales in comparison to what Life Stem’s stock can do by tackling the myriad of health issues that could be alleviated by these groundbreaking ASC treatment protocols and the company’s absolutely brilliant growth strategy.

As I write this Special Report, Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) is trading around the $1 per share level. I see LIFS as one of the “great hidden stock gems” that could return many multiples above its current price range – FAST!
When you understand what Life Stem has already accomplished
and what their revenue projections are, you’ll see why I’m so excited to bring
this stock to my readers just BEFORE the pending lift-off! Consider…
LIFS’s distinct Adult Stem Cell harvesting protocol is currently returning rates as
high as 1.2 BILLION stem cells per sample – more than 12x the industry high!
LIFS’s expert stem cell team has performed 5,000+ ASC treatments and counting
– including some of the biggest names from the NBA, NFL, MLB, and PGA!
LIFS’s clinics can generate up to $30 MILLION per year in revenues!
LIFS expects to have more than 140 affiliate and corporate locations in operation throughout the world within 5 years!
LIFS anticipates annual revenues of $111 MILLION by year-5 followed by continual revenue growth!
The industry made an estimated $73.5 Billion last year. Currently, the top four areas for ASC treatments are neurological disorders, cancer, orthopedic, and dermatology.

By focusing on the rapid deployment of its evolutionary Adult Stem Cell protocol via both corporate and affiliate clinics, Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) can gain worldwide attention as a leader in the ASC treatment field.

The market in the U.S alone a word...HUGE! Yet, Life Stem’s growth strategy gets even better.
"A global approach
designed to maximize
value for all
LIFS Shareholders"
 First:  Life Stem Genetics is building its base of affiliate clinics internationally from the outset. The first clinics outside the U.S. are already being planned for Hong Kong and mainland China. By gaining an international foothold early on starting with Asia, the company should be able to quickly and seamlessly expand into Europe, Canada, and Australia.

 Second:  Life Stem Genetics is not standing pat on just its groundbreaking Adult Stem Cell treatments. The company is already offering highly-profitable, value added treatments including: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies, Quality Nutraceutical and Medical Supplements, IV Nutritional Cocktails, Stem Cell Banking for future treatments, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This should be a huge boost to the company’s bottom line.
Opportunity: One Major Story in the Press could
Send LIFS Up…Up…Up!
We’re Not the Only Ones Who Realize the Value
of Solving Human Disease through ASC Therapies

I think of all that Life Stem Genetics (LIFS) has accomplished – and then I remember this stock is trading around $1 per share at the time of this writing. It’s exciting to me that one of humanity’s greatest opportunities can also be one of the most profitable investments — EVER.

I don’t have to tell you what success means in the field of Adult Stem Cell therapies. The potential to successfully treat and potentially cure some of the most debilitating diseases known to man can translate to life-changing gains for well-timed, properly positioned investors.

I believe that if you let this opportunity pass you by, you’ll regret it for years to come. Every time you hear about Life Stem Genetics (LIFS), you’ll think, “Man, I should have…” And that’s something I want you to instinctively avoid.

Rarely am I this enthusiastic about a stock – but LIFS has Huge Upside Potential written all over it. Just like Ultra Petroleum did at $2 before my readers watched it soar to over $200 per share pre-split!

Life Stem has every indicator of being our next Ultra success story. I recommend you begin picking up LIFS shares now up to our initial $2 buy-ceiling. Buy only what you’re comfortable with and then watch it. I’m confident you’ll soon be adding to your position once you see the immense profit potential in-play.

Timing is everything in the stock market. Wall Street operates on a “herd” mentality. Once they see something big, they all rush in at the same time. Yet, I’ve always said that the largest shareholder gains go to those with the foresight to buy early BEFORE the secret’s out – when the share-price is still at bargain basement prices. That time is NOW.

Sincerely on the Contrary,

Scott Fraser, Editor The Natural Contrarian

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